Letters from Tanzanian inmates in prison in Hong Kong
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March 9, 2017: Letter from a Tanzanian woman in prison for drug trafficking - describing the poverty and unwise business decisions which led to her to become a drug mule

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Feb 24, 2017: Police seize 'most wanted' suspected drug trafficker
Notice the words: "Kiboko's name appeared in the famous letter..." referring to this letter published by v2catholic.com


February 12, 2017:  Letter from a Tanzanian women in prison in HK for drug trafficking, after being tricked by a one Maria Remi Mushi in Kenya to go to the city of Conakry in Guinea where she was forced to swallow drug pellets by a man named Diallo and then go to Hong Kong

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February 10, 2017: Dramatic news from Tanzania these days .... a list of 65 Drug Barons/Lords has been made public. See: Uproar over Makonda list

One of the main names on the list - Idd Azan - (see bottom of article) was named in the very first letter written by a Tanzanian prisoner in HK for my website in 2013....as a result of which Idd paid a visit to a police station ....and as a result of which someone in HK phoned me to stay "why are you telling lies about my uncle?".  That very first letter is Here (scroll down...)

February 9, 2017: Story about a dear friend I met in January 2015 in Tanzania and with whom I've remained in contact:
Tanzanian former anti-drugs boss offers counsel