Letters from Tanzanian inmates in prison in Hong Kong
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October 16  Another letter from a Tanzanian woman in prison in Hong Kong for drug trafficking. She is the only Tanzanian to have been arrested at HK airport this year.

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July 18: Another letter from a Tanzanian woman in a HK prison for drug trafficking - the only Tanzanian arrested so far this year at HK airport

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July 5: Tanzanian inmate's first post (in Swahili) - about the danger of drug trafficking to HK - on East Africa's popular Jamii Forums attracted 80 replies. Some of the replies said that she, and I, were not "genuine" (!). So this reply from her was posted on June 13, also attracting comments. All in the good cause of stopping people from East Africa coming to HK with drugs!

June 17:  Letter from a Tanzanian woman in a HK prison for drug trafficking - the only Tanzanian arrested so far this year at HK airport (one in six months, compared with one a week in 2013, before this website's campaign began!)

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May 31: Reply in Swahili and English by a Tanzanian woman in prison in HK for drug trafficking - to comments about her previous letter on Jamii Forums (see below, May 24)

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May 24: About a week ago I posted a Tanzanian HK inmate's letter on Jamii Forums in East Africa. Item has so far attracted more than 80 comments. Most of them are in Swahili but a few are in English. Swahili comments can be translated by Google Translate. Some comments say that the letter - and I - are not genuine! Yesterday I posted a reply to try to prove genuineness!  Five pages of comments here

May 19: Drug kingpins wanted to kill me - Tanzania's Godfrey Nzowa
- which is why when I met him on January 10, 2015 I was admitted to his office by armed guards! We had a 90 minute chat, after which I found myself thinking "this is the sort of person who should be president!" A number of times during our meeting he referred to his Christian faith and his love for the Bible ...and his belief that God protected him from being killed

May 4, 2016  Letter (in Swahili) from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison.
Her story and her warning about the danger of being arranged/tricked/forced to bring drugs to HK

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Her own English translation:
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March 29: Letter from a Tanzanian inmate in prison in HK
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March 12, 2016: Tanzania's Global Drug Kingpin Is Unmasked
- article mentions this website! ("letter from prisoner...")

Feb 12, 2016: Letter in Swahili from a Tanzanian inmate in a HK prison for drug trafficking.

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