Letters from Tanzanian inmates in prison in Hong Kong - with media and blog articles related to the letters - 2013

August 13, 2013:  How this campaign began

Please start at the bottom of this file - at July 6, 2013, below - and check files in chronological order, because later files refer to earlier files


2013-12-31  Article in The Citizen:     
How drug trafficking tainted Tanzanian's clean image in 2013

The second half of 2013 has seen a heightened war against drug trafficking, thanks to a letter by a young Tanzanian jailed in Hong Kong that renewed public pressure for authorities to act.
(and see comment about HK chaplain and www.v2catholic.com by Richard)

2013-12-30    Letter from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison

In a separate note to me, the inmate says "Because of recent happenings ....arrests in Tanzania, Macau and China, showing the Drug Lords are still up to their old tricks ....we need to keep up the campaign. In my new letter I am imploring the people of Africa to be more vigilant against the drug kingpins and their operatives and recruiters"

2013-12-29  Letter from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison
This new letter continues the campaign to warn people about the danger of being a "drug mule"

Dec 19: Tanzanian woman arrested Macau - 1.1 kilograms pellets of Heroin in her body. Photos of woman and the pellets. She was aiming to go to China. (Is she an African Tanzanian? - c.f.  photo ...brown hair)
See my post about this story at Jamii Forums - has had 1,600 views

2013-12-22    Letter from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison
This new letter is similar to previous letters, aiming to create more awareness of the risks involved in trafficking to Hong Kong & China. The letter also mentions the names of the mastermind and his subordinate.
My post about this letter at Jamii Forums had more than 800 views before being closed to comments + counting of number of views (...maybe hacked? ...since original post is still there) - see this Print Screen image
(third post from top)   

Dec 19: Tanzanian man with 83 heroin capsules in stomach arrested at Dar es Salaam airport 
This confirms what I've heard from inmates in HK: Drug Lords are trying to get drug mules to fly direct to China (...because extremely high chance of arrest + long prison sentence in HK) ....and several Tanzanian drug mules have recently been arrested in China...and ....China has death penalty!

Dec 15: Two women arrested at Dar es Salaam airport 
Women were heading to Hong Kong! (didn't they know that's not a good idea?!).  One woman had 122 capsules removed from her stomach - a record for a womanDrug lords back to their old tricks: MEN know it's dangerous, so use WOMEN who may not be so informed, or may be more desperate for money for their families

Dec 14: Drugs: act tough, act now (The Citizen)

Nov 18: A new letter (in Swahili)from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison

Nov 17: A new letter (in Swahili) from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison
This letter names two prominent drug lords, names the businesses they run as fronts, and gives their mobile numbers!
This letter also answers the charge that previous letters were not genuine:
if previous letters were not genuine, how come drug lords are making threatening phone calls to families of inmates alleged to have provided material for this website?!

Nov 11:  Swahili article in Sema Usikike about HK Tanzanian inmates' families - Describing how drug lords are threatening the families of HK inmates alleged to have provided letters for this website

Nov 10:  Letter (in Swahili) from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison:
This letter names 8 prominent drug lords, and calls on the head of the anti-narcotics unit, Assistant Commissioner of Police Godfrey Nzowa,
to publish on-line the photos of this

Nov 7 - Drugs: clean courts needed  (Editorial from The Citizen)

November 3:    Letter (in Swahili) from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison This letter encourages people to name and shame "the big fish". If you have information, give it to the authorities. If you are a business person coming from Tanzania to HK and you have information about "big fish", please give that info to the police in HK

Oct 27: Letter (in Swahili) from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison
- to help people better understand the harm of drug trafficking

 Oct 26: Letter (in Swahili) from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison
- re Tanzania, China, Macau, Hong Kong ....and drugs

Oct 20: Letter (in Swahili) from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison
Calling on the the head of the anti-narcotics unit, Assistant Commissioner of Police Godfrey Nzowa,
 to take stronger action against drug lords

Oct 9: Letter (in Swahili) from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Prison
- written just after he was sentenced. In a separate note he said "this letter will educate more people and even educate the Tanzania government".
Theme of letter: what's needed:  not new drug laws, but the observance of laws

Oct 3: Another letter from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison:
Let’s use our Proxy Votes - a reply to 

You’re on your own, (Tanzanian President) tells drug mules seized abroad

Sep 29: A new letter from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison:
Avoid drug trafficking by "the reverence of God"

Sep 24: A new Swahili letter from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison
calling for not just the little fish, but the big fish - the drug barons, the 100 names - to be punished with the same justice as the little fish

Sep 19: You’re on your own, (Tanzanian President) tells drug mules seized abroad
See comment supporting John W's comment

Sep 18: New letter from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison:
Our Struggle - "Strategy for Change"  - really beautiful, like something Mandela or Gandhi would write.
(Tanzania has a Mandela in a HK prison?!)

September 12: New letter from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison:
Radical measures needed to tackle the wanton corruption in Tanzania's government   

Sep 11: This article of a Tanzanian blogger is in Swahili, but has a "translate to English" button. Article uses much material from v2catholic article Drug Mules of July 21, supporting the call to fight the drug trade

Sep 8: New agency to fight narcotics
(see comment from Richard)

September 5: New letter from a Tanzanian inmate in Hong Kong:
An open letter to the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Mr. Willian Lukuvi

Re: Your "On list of Drug Barons" 
(a copy of which was given to the inmate) 

Tanzania rolls out tough measures against drug smuggling
This article shows how lax Tanzania is in fighting the drug problem

Tanzania's JNIA fitted with new detection equipment
This article mentions Tanzanian man facing 40 years in a US prison

Tanzania: The ideal destination for drug gangs
Because of unprotected coastline plus inadequate customs controls and cross-border co-operation, as well as weak criminal justice systems

Tanzania's 'mules' ply Johannesburg streets
Barely a quarter of Tanzanians in South Africa have legal jobs and many are drug dealers

Sep 2: Tanzanians arrested in Kenya - a big bust

Record number of drug cases for hearing during Tanzania High Court session
Corruption and influence peddling by highly placed individuals have been cited as one factor that frustrates the war against traffickers

During August, no male Tanzanian "drug mules" were arrested in Hong Kong. Previously several were being arrested each week. Five weeks ago, six were arrested in one week. This website's campaign, supported by Tanzanian media and bloggers, to warn about the dangers of bringing drugs to HK, has been blessed by the Good Lord.
What about other countries?  Has any other country noticed that Tanzanian "mules" have stopped arriving? If you have any information, please email me: jdwomi@gmail.com 

September 1:   Letter from a Tanzanian inmate in Hong Kong:
New Era:  A Drug Free Tanzania

Aug 31:  From a Tanzanian  inmate in a Hong Kong prison
- in Swahili and English:  An open letter to the President

Suggestion from Tanzanian inmates in HK prisons: stop people from other parts of Africa obtaining Tanzanian passports (with false names). At the moment, because of corruption in Tanzania, it's easy to obtain a Tanzanian passport in order to be a "drug mule"

Bribery and corruption in Tanzania

Aug 29: HK South China Morning Post:
Drug mules must find no welcome in HK

Aug 28: The Citizen:
You are on list of drug barons, MPs told
(see comment from John W)

Aug 23: Tanzania: Noose Tightened Over Drugs ((words...or actions?...))

Aug 23: Drug smuggling
(excellent article by Netherlands Embassy in Tanzania)

Aug 22: Desperate Tanzanian youth getting more entangled in drugs - makes reference to July 21 article Drug Mules on v2catholic.com 

Aug 21: Four Tanzania airport officials sacked on suspicion of drug trafficking
(and see the comment)

August 20:  The Citizen (Tanzania)
We’ve to win drugs war!

August 20:
Tanzanian inmates in Hong Kong are suggesting that HK should require all visitors from Tanzania to obtain a visa ....because a visa requires time and information ....and this would make it more difficult for drug lords in Tanzania to trick simple village people into becoming drug mules. City people now not so easy to trick ...they know about long prison sentences in HK...but village people not so savvy ....and easier to persuade with lines like "if you get caught, you'll only get 3-4 years" ...so without the need for a visa, village people are persuaded today to do the job and tomorrow they're on a plane to HK....and the following day are in prison for maybe 20 years

2013-08-19  Letter from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison
 ‘DRUG TRAFFICKING’ - A national problem  (...a reflection on paying the price for speaking out...)  

August 17: Drug trafficking takes tolls on Tanzanians (in HK)
This article from Tanzania's The Citizen (in its ongoing anti-drug campaign) quotes extensively from v2catholic.com 

August 16, 2013: Tanzania minister: 
I’ll name drug lords today

August 16: Two days ago, during Typhoon Signal No. 8, I had lunch at Chung King Mansions (after buying some items for prison inmates). At table next to me where two men from Tanzania...which country is very dear to my heart at the moment...200 Tanzanian inmates in Hong Kong...lots of items on this website and sites in Tanzania re the 200. One of the two men arrived in HK a week ago. I asked him what was it like coming through HK airport with a Tanzanian passport. He said they searched him from top to toe, x-rayed him, then made him take some medicine which caused him to defecate (...many "drug mules" have the drugs in their stomach, in plastic containers ..double condoms..). No drugs were present, so HK customs staff said "sorry about that ...you can go now".  Hope the word goes out to potential drug mules: 
HK will give you the  S _ I  _ S !    Which is sad news for genuine travellers

August 13, 2013: Tanzania's The Citizen has an excellent new article:
Drugs: Together we’ll win

2013-08-13   Letter from a Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison: (in Swahili & English)
President Kikwete's anti-narcotic campaign just for appearances 

Frank Makange Blog: Jamhuri Newspaper published 255 names of people said to be engaging in drug trafficking.
The list is HERE

August 12, 2013: Drugs: No teamwork, says Tanzania CAA director  (The Citizen)

 August 12, 2013 Tanzania The Citizen  report: Confession of a drug trafficker.
Following a leaked letter (posted on www.v2catholic.com) by a Tanzanian drug courier imprisoned in Hong Kong in which he listed reported drug barons and warned youth against joining the trade,
The Citizen on Sunday traced Juma who gave an account of how youth were recruited and hooked into the trade

August 12, 2013:  The Citizen editorial:
We must not become a nation of drug dealers

August 11: When drug trade and consumption threaten to become national disaster 
(Tanzania IPP Media)
But most critics contend that the big fish behind the trafficking syndicates remain scot free as corrupt law enforcers get compromised by the former.

August 11, 2013: Tanzanian farmers and drug dealers
With so much media coverage about the drug issue in recent weeks, the silence of the government is deafening

August 11 Excellent new article from Tanzania's The Citizen which is pursuing the drugs story:
Big cloud hangs over drug cases 
(..how do you spell "corruption"?...)

August 11 The Citizen confirming claims of HK inmates:
Nzowa sheds light on drug barons

August 11, 2013: Letter from Tanzanian inmate in a Hong Kong prison 
Anti-narcotic war: Are Politicians Real? (In Swahili & English)

August 10, 2013: EDITORIAL : The reputation of our airports in jeopardy
(The Citizen)

August 9, 2013: Letters from inmates in Hong Kong prison

August 7, 2013: Transport minister blasts airport security standard
"Our airport has become a free gateway for drug traffickers"
(this article makes reference to July 21 article Drug Mules  

August 5, 2013: Let Us Intensify War On Drug Peddling (Part One) (see comment from jw)
An article that seems to have been encouraged by article on v2catholic:  Drug Mules
(note: there are 200 Tanzanians in HK prisons ....so the world figure must be many times that) 

August 2, 2013: Tanzania on the spot over anti-narcotics war 
(refers to July 21 article
Drug Mules)  

August 1: Political will to deal with drug kingpins ‘is lacking’  - see comments
(refers to July 21 article
Drug Mules

August 1, 2012: Pregnant women used to smuggle drugs 
 (to avoid detection by airport scanners)

July 31, 2013: Hong Kong customs detects three drug trafficking cases in one day (July 25)
- two of them men from Tanzania

Three of many blogs which have re-posted Drug Mules 
(from v2catholic.com of July 21, 2013):
Frank Makange        Hassbaby      Udakuspecially  (...the more bloggers who re-post, the better...to spread the message that bringing drugs to Hong Kong means a long prison sentence)

July 21, 2013:  Drug Mules  (received 5031 hits July 21-31 on www.v2catholic.com )

July 6, 2013:    Meeting in Hong Kong:  Ambassador Philip S. Marmo and Counsellor Edmund Juma Kitokezi  from the Beijing Embassy of Tanzania

first letter - link here


Jamii Forum posts:

Graphic photos of dead African mule being opened up

Post of Nov 19

2012-03-14: Langa - Breaking the silence on drugs in Tanzania

Langa’s work and example could not be more needed and important. The silence that hangs over drug-use in Tanzania needs to be broken. If we are to have any chance of preventing and responding to this ever growing problem, we need to listen to, not shun the heroic stories of those who have battled this aggressive addiction and who have recovered

President Kikwete’s son - heat back on re graft accusations 
This 2011 article has relevance in 2013, since HK inmates (and some Tanzanian bloggers) say the president's son is involved in drug trafficking. 
To access this article, put into Google:
"president kikwete's son heat back on graft accusations"

Tanzania Journalists failing their nation  
- re death of anti-drug campaigner Amina Chifupa (..Hong Kong Tanzanian inmates say her death resulted from her anti-narcotics campaign...inmates say her husband was/is involved in drug trafficking


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