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2013-07-21    Drug Mules   


What is a DRUG MULE and WHY do people do this? See also Wikipedia's excellent article

Drug mules are found in virtually every country of the world. This problem is truly international

In recent years their numbers have grown exponentially, so that now there are tens of thousands of mules languishing in prisons all around the world

Below is one drug mule story, the story of mules from Tanzania entering Hong Kong. Because of its location on the East coast of Africa, Tanzania is the favorite launching place for drug lords to mission their mules. The drugs they carry are mainly from Pakistan and Afghanistan....taken by boat to Tanzania ....meeting small boats along Tanzania's long coastline 

In Hong Kong there are currently about 100 inmates from Tanzania. About 70 convicted and about 30 on remand  (...unofficial figures..). In May-June 2013, around 30 Tanzanians were arrested in Hong Kong and China

Those convicted in HK serve a minimum time of about 9 years if they plead guilty. They serve 21 years if they don't plead guilty but are found guilty.

The story of these Tanzanian mules entering Hong Kong is typical of what happens around the world. Hopefully this story will be seen by many people in Africa, especially in Tanzania, and will discourage others from becoming mules. If this article stops even one person from being a mule, it is worthwhile

Here is the story, written in Swahili by a Hong Kong Tanzanian inmate, translated into English by another inmate. The story names and shames some very important people in Tanzania,  including:
Iddi Azan, a leading politician who has his own blogspot, a Facebook account, and many other items when you put "iddi azzan" into

English translation:

2013-07-21Tanzania-English01.jpg (291767 bytes) 2013-07-21Tanzania-English02.jpg (310112 bytes) 2013-07-21Tanzania-English03.jpg (302041 bytes) 2013-07-21Tanzania-English04.jpg (314106 bytes) 2013-07-21Tanzania-English05.jpg (318059 bytes) 2013-07-21Tanzania-English06.jpg (272312 bytes) 2013-07-21Tanzania-English07.jpg (289595 bytes) 

Original Swahili:

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