Drug Lords - Grace (from Tanzania) and Tony (from Nigeria) - now in Burundi


They are responsible for sending many drug mules to prison in Hong Kong

The first 4 photos of Grace are from this blog:

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Mbiro Grace Seth, Passport AB 519291

Tony (in red shirt):

2014-09-14-Tony-in-red.jpg (29886 bytes)

Grace's husband is "Miki". He was living in Hong Kong. His bed-ridden father is "Alineti" who has retired from the drug trafficking business. Miki works with Tony's Nigerian brother - Benny ("Ikenna") - who married a HK woman.

Tony's brother, Benny, lives in HK. His phone number is/was: 852-56884783
Another associate is Musa who works at HK airport. His number is/was: 852-61887833


If anyone has information about Grace/Tony/Benny/Musa, please send to jdwomi@gmail.com